Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG

press release:

Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG/Bergkamen

Exhibition CMS Berlin 19-22 Sep 2023

The Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG is presenting itself at the CMS (Cleaning Maintenance Service Show in Berlin) with a range of scrubber dryers and on top special engineered scrubber dryers with the following focuses:

  1. Inclusion

The ifgm Institute in Münster is a conceptual source of ideas even for inclusion in the facility management sector and has developed together with the Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG an application-adopted ride-on scrubber-dryer „Rotan“. The following technical innovations have been realized:

– Avoiding potential dangerous situations during cleaning operations

– Ergonomic, innovative equipment for operators with physical or mental limitations

– Suggestive and easy handling

– Assured cleaning effect

An employee of the Ruhrtalwerkstätten cleans the Hornbach hardware store in Düren with a Rotan